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Clash Of Clans NEW VILLAGE

The market for mobile games has a tremendous growth behind it and although the games cost still only a fraction of PC or console games, a trend is becoming increasingly clear: the best-selling games occupy more space on the entire market share in both areas.

The NPD Group studied the behavior of 2 million mobile gamers in the United States during the period of December 2014 until may 2015. The top-10 of the games that have generated the most revenue is as follows:

The accumulation of market power is evident even clearer if one breaking down the sales strength to publishers: supercell (13.4 percent), King (11.9 per cent), machine zone (8.3 percent), Electronic Arts (3.95 percent) and big fish (3.6 percent).
Hack for clash of clans
The NPD analyst Liam Callahan shows surprised how fast the mobile game market become more like the State of the console market: "every year a few Schlüsselfranchises on the consoles make up the lion's share of sales percentage. I find it shocking to see that the mobile games market already follows this pattern. I think that shows that consumers start to spend their money on a free-to-play game and commit it, because they want to see entertainment for the price they paid. Now, where the mobile market is growing, it will be important, to build up brands."

The data of the NPD Group show that players usually spend money on 1.6 games. This number includes both in-app, and game purchases themselves. On average each player returns 33,55 dollars.

Callahan explains this as follows: "that is the nature of the free-to-play games. Players lay a certain loyalty to the day, since they want to see something for their money. In contrast, the model of the console games causes that consumers pay in advance, then the game dealing with a period of time and then turn to the next gaming experience. So I think that this figure is not so different. "It only shows that the game market is very competitive, no matter what field."

Interestingly, revenues from mobile games from a much older clientele comes. Only five percent of the revenue flowing from the pockets of the 18-24 year olds to the publishers. 26 percent accounts for the age group of 45-54 and 25 percent comes from people over the age of 55. In between lies the Group of 24-34 with 19 percent and the 35-44, with 24 percent. It may be also that these numbers in the regions of younger target groups move mobile games become more popular.

"At the moment content for the younger generations are on consoles often bought by parents for their children. Some of these users are on the move in the mobile sector and authorize purchases for their children.
Hack clash of clans 2015
I share the opinion that it is the content, which fired the trends. For example, fallout shelter was a big surprise at E3 and many core gamers have downloaded it and money being spent. Perhaps a trend is born this, which leads core IPs can be successful in the future on mobile devices."

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